Simple Liberty  




[Image: Photo taken by author of a long straight rural road through some woods. Provides mood and backdrop to imply a long journey.]Liberty often is a frightening word to many people because a life of liberty means self-responsibility and self-government. A life of liberty does not mean a life of ease, or that the challenges of life will be easier. Indeed, often a life of liberty is a challenge, not only because of the requirement for responsibility, but because many other people do not believe the same. Often that means a clash of beliefs and values.

People who choose a life of liberty do not want to control or rule other people, they merely want to be left alone. Not necessarily left alone as a hermit might prefer, although there is nothing wrong with such a decision, but left alone to be self-determining and self-governing. They want to participate freely and voluntarily in all relationships.

Achieving a life of liberty is difficult for many people because they never have been taught to think that way. Yet, not knowing is only ignorance. Ignorance is curable. My hope for this little corner of the world — my soap box and sounding board — is to provide people information to live a life of liberty. This is not a political site, although I certainly have some thoughts about that realm. Mostly this site is about practical living, and most of those efforts begin between the ears. This web site is my own outreach to helping other people live a life of liberty, yet helping them do so with confidence. I hope you will find this site useful. Thanks for stopping by.

Darrell Anderson