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[Image: Photo taken by author of a manned ballon race. Intended for mood and backdrop only.]

[Image: Book Cover for To Alter or to Abolish.]

To Alter or to Abolish — New Principles for the 21st Century
This book provides foundation for much of my writings and philosophy. A full length effort about why conflict exists in modern social and legal systems.

[Image: Book Cover for God is an Anarchist.]

God is an Anarchist — Reflections On Judeo-Christian Teachings
A collection of essays, focusing on how modern Judeo-Christian teachings embrace statism. The essays explore several Judeo-Christian interpretations from an anarchist perspective.

[Image: Book Cover for Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All.]

Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All — Musings About a World in Conflict
A collection of essays, focusing on conflict, statism, and liberty. The essays are intended to encourage readers to see the world from a different perspective.

[Image: Book Cover for Reflections From the Front Porch]

Reflections From the Front Porch — Meditations About Life
A collection of essays revolving around that grand mystery of the universe we call life. The essays cover a variety of topics and no particular issue in general.

[Image: Book Cover for An American Monetary History Timeline.]

An American Monetary History Timeline — From Colonial Times to the Present
A chronological timeline of American monetary history from colonial times to the present. Covers significant events in banking, coinage, legislation, and related events.

[Image: Book Cover for The American Income Tax.]

The American Income Tax — Theft Under the Color of Law
A scholarly investigation about the American income tax, from an historical, social, and legal perspective. The income tax contributes significantly in destroying the core of our social fabric.

A Modern King James Bible A modernized King James Bible, updating “olde” English in a non-destructive way. Thee and thou become you, heareth becomes hears, etc. Also modified are words to what seem to be more reasonable interpretations of how the ancient authors probably used those words. These subtle changes might surprise some readers because the changes tend to remove the Bible from several contested debates.