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[Image: Photo taken by author of a manned ballon race. Intended for mood and backdrop only.]In this section of my web site I offer some books I have written.



[Image: Book Cover for To Alter or to Abolis.]

To Alter or to Abolish — New Principles for the 21st Century
This book is my seminal work providing foundation for much of my writings and philosophy. A full length scholarly effort about why conflict exists in modern social and legal systems.

[Image: Book Cover for God is an Anarchis.]

God is an Anarchist — Reflections On Judeo-Christian Teachings
A collection of essays, focusing on how modern Judeo-Christian teachings embrace statism. The essays explore several Judeo-Christian interpretations from an anarchist perspective.

[Image: Book Cover for Tyranny of One, Tyranny of Al.]

Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All — Musings About a World in Conflict
A collection of essays, focusing on conflict, statism, and liberty. The essays are designed to encourage readers to see the world from a different perspective.

[Image: Book Cover for Reflections From the Front Porch]

Reflections From the Front Porch — Meditations About Life
A collection of essays revolving around that grand mystery of the universe we call life. The essays cover a variety of topics and no particular issue in general.

[Image: Book Cover for An American Monetary History Timeline.]

An American Monetary History Timeline — From Colonial Times to the Present
A chronological timeline of American monetary history from colonial times to the present. Covers significant events in banking, coinage, legislation, and related events.

[Image: Book Cover for The American Income Tax.]

The American Income Tax — Theft Under the Color of Law
A scholarly investigation about the American income tax, from an historical, social, and legal perspective. The income tax contributes significantly in destroying the core of our social fabric.

[Image: Book Cover for Monetary Reform.]

Monetary Reform — The Beginning of True Social Reform
A study of that contentious topic, monetary theory. I believe that no meaningful social reforms are possible until a significant number of people understand the concept of money.