Simple Liberty  



What I Advocate

Written by Darrell Anderson.

  • Abolishing all forms of compound interest. I accept simple interest and rental fees, but soundly reject the exponential suffocation of compound interest.
  • Abolishing currencies and a migration toward a global inter-tied wealth-for-wealth trading system.
  • Abolishing banking as a political privilege. As a transitional step, I accept local banking as long as currencies are introduced only locally and without compound interest. Nominal administrative fees are acceptable during this transitional phase. However, I prefer business people to introduce their own currencies.
  • Abolishing the nonsense of destructive neoclassical “growth” and “profit” economics, which violate the fundamental principles of physics and biology. A non-exponential or sustainable environment should be the goal because humans live on a finite spherical planet.
  • Abolishing nationalism as a religion.
  • Abolishing political systems.
  • Abolishing political systems that are used to create numerous privileges, which are used to capture the labor of other people in an attempt to create virtual perpetual motion.
  • Abolishing nation-statism, instead focusing on local autonomy and community. This is not an isolationist philosophy, but a sustainability philosophy. Local autonomy does not prohibit trade and exchange. Singular monolithic organizational structures are self-defeating.
  • Support for free association and voluntary exchange. I don’t care what socio-legal-economic organizational structure people choose, with total privatization at one end of the spectrum and communal ownership at the other, as long as free association and voluntary exchange are the foundation.
  • As a transitional step, constitutional amendments (national, state, and local) prohibiting politicians from borrowing revenues. No escape clauses. No exceptions.
  • Abolishing the legal fiction of incorporation, both with businesses and political organizations.
  • Abolishing the concept of all legal fictions.
  • Establishing the concept of trespass as the sole cause of action in legal disputes.


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