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God is an Anarchist

A Brief Statement

Written by Darrell Anderson.

I do not claim or pretend to know if God exists. I use the word God in a traditional sense, to mean a being or entity who exists outside the realm of human existence and awareness; a being who, to one degree or another, possesses abilities or powers of omniscience and omnipotence; a being who is benevolent and, in some form or manner, participated or was responsible for creating the known universe and the forces and natural laws that regulate its existence.

I neither affirm nor deny the existence of God. I neither condone nor condemn those who accept or reject a belief in God’s existence.

If God exists, I do not claim or pretend to know if God is directly or intimately involved in the lives of humans. I do not claim or pretend to know if there is an after-life. I do not claim or pretend to know the origins of life or the origins of the universe.

I do not claim or pretend to know if the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, and inspired word of God. I do not claim or pretend to know whether the events described in those writings are factual, are stories and traditions, or are a combination of both. I do not claim or pretend to know who the various authors were.

I do not claim or pretend to know if Jesus of Nazareth was a real human, a story or legend, or if he was God manifested in the flesh.

I am agnostic toward these questions. I use the word agnostic in the literal sense, derived from the Greek, to mean without knowledge.

I have read the Bible several times, from beginning to end. My bookshelf contains related study aids. I have spent ample time reading the texts contained within. I find the Bible filled with interesting stories, to contain thought-provoking wisdom and parables, and to provide interesting perspectives about life from a people who lived long ago.

Because of my personal beliefs, I tend to read those stories from an anti-statist and anarchist perspective and tend to believe that if God exists, that entity is an anarchist.

All of this does not mean I reject the possibility of something called God. However, by definition, a supernatural or extra-dimensional being cannot be known by humans who are restricted to the known dimensions of existence. Thus, one thing I believe firmly is that no human can begin to fathom the nature of such a being. The only thing humans can hope to know about such a being is whatever that being decides to reveal to humans. Even then, human understanding is limited because of a four-dimensional existence. There also is the confusion that must naturally arise about how to interpret that information. The challenge of interpretation is why so much religious discontent and malice exists.

Personally, I find the universe bewildering and mystical. Such a statement is merely a poetic way of declaring my ignorance. I prefer to think there is something bigger out there we don’t yet understand and likely never will, but of course, I still have no knowledge that God exists. Nobody else does either. There is only conjecture.

Humans are creatures of limited knowledge and always will be. The universe is not bigger than anyone knows, but bigger than anyone can know.


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