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God is an Anarchist

Anarchy or Monarchy

Written by Darrell Anderson.

I never have liked the picture many Christians have about the Kingdom of God, nor have I liked the picture many people envision about what the current world would be like if God came down from Heaven to sit on an earthly throne.

Many people would describe such a system as a monarchy. By definition, monarchy means the “archy” or rule of one. Many religious-minded people also would call such a system a theocracy. By definition, theocracy means rule by God. Many Christians would like to see a theocracy established because they believe such a social system would revolutionize the world.

I agree there would be revolution, but not by any iron-fisted rule. According to the Biblical stories, that is just not God’s way. God is an anarchist. By strict definition, anarchy means rule by none. Anarchy is the only social system and philosophy consistent with free will.

The Bible stories teach that God encourages free will, free association, and voluntary exchange. The God described in those stories promotes self-government and self-responsibility. The God of the Bible has no desire in creating slaves out of humans, nor do the stories indicate he want humans ruling other humans. He wants all relationships to be voluntary. Otherwise the meaning of loving one another is meaningless.

Thus, although having the God of the Bible sitting on a throne would indeed be a theocratic monarchy, I do not believe God would establish such a social system. He would re-establish anarchy. As king his purpose would be to judge disputes justly and without prejudice; and to promote an environment of persuasion and cooperation, not force, coercion and the threat of violence. The latter is what statists do and the philosophy of statism violates every human’s right. The God of the Bible would have no desire in micro-managing the everyday affairs of humans.


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