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God is an Anarchist

Reflections On Judeo-Christian Teachings

[Image: Book Cover for God is an Anarchis.]A collection of essays, focusing on how modern Judeo-Christian teachings embrace statism. The essays explore several Judeo-Christian interpretations from an anarchist perspective.

I explore several modern teachings currently embraced within the Judeo-Christian heritage. Most of the topics I examine are concerned with the philosophy of statism, but every essay examines the flawed foundation upon which a particular doctrine or belief is based.

My general thesis in this collection of essays is that the philosophy of statism, and the general philosophy of using force and coercion, is not only incompatible with human existence but incompatible with the basic Judeo-Christian texts. In many essays I offer an alternate interpretation of traditional texts.




Published by Darrell Anderson
Written by Darrell Anderson

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First Edition 2005

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God is an Anarchist PDF



To anyone willing to consider different ideas and adjust his or her worldview.


. . . the suffering of one man is the suffering of all. Distances are irrelevant to injustice. If not stopped soon enough, evil eventually reaches out to engulf all men, whether they have opposed it or ignored it.

General Obiwan ‘Ben’ Kenobi, from the novel Star Wars by George Lucas

Table of Contents


1. A Brief Statement

2. Origins

3. The One Principle

4. What is Liberty?

5. Family, Church, and Government

6. Self-Interest or Greed?

7. Statists Steal

8. Churchianity

9. Products of Our Environment

10. Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity

11. The Problem of Evil

12. Truisms

13. Every Man Did That Which Was Right

14. Anarchy or Monarchy?

15. A Just King

16. Vengeance Is Mine

17. The Ten Commandments

18. The Ten Commandments Revisited

19. Rahab the Harlot

20. One Wish

21. A Christian Government?

22. Turn the Other Cheek

23. Render Unto Caesar

24. Romans 13

25. Salvation for All?

26. The Good News

27. Pascal’s Wager

28. Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

29. Christian Anarchy