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God is an Anarchist

One Wish

Written by Darrell Anderson.

I always have been an individual who daydreams. By daydreaming I mean contemplating various issues, problems, challenges, whatever. Years ago I played with a thought problem. I imagined that God was going to empower me with a simple decision.

If I so chose, God would eliminate modern electronic computers.

Now mind you, at that time the internet was not a big deal and the world wide web had not yet been born. In fact, personal computer vendors were still fighting for market dominance. Microsoft was just another name, along with IBM, Apple, Commodore, Atari, Tandy, etc.

At that time I had recognized the wonderful tool that word processing software would become. I dislike hand writing, and although I am a reasonably logical thinker, I recognized the power of free thinking that came along with word processing software. An individual could spew forth ideas and organize later. Thus, why would I think of a thought problem such as eliminating all computers?

Because I saw that despite the wonderful benefits technology was providing, I also saw the potential evil through statism. I also recognized that, generally, technology — like bureaucracy — tends to dehumanize and depersonalize human existence.

Of course, my thought problem was just that — a thought problem. With such thought problems, lots of other issues and questions arise — practical and philosophical. Of course, there is no “true” answer to such problems, just good neuron exercising.

As much as I realize that tools are not evil but only the manner in which people use them, I nonetheless decided to end computers. That is not to declare that the motives for developing tools is an amoral or neutral process, only that the tool itself is neither good nor evil. Technology usually reflects the motives of the inventors.

I enjoy the tool otherwise known as the personal computer. I enjoy word processing software; but I despise statism. The loss of personal computers would be the world’s loss, not just mine alone. However, statism would lose too.

Since that time I have journeyed further in my own understanding of the world. I have learned more and have become a believer in the simple principle of not trespassing. I believe in self-defense, but not initiating trespass against others. The philosophy of statism is all about aggression, force and coercion, and the threat of violence.

Naturally, my solution to the thought problem would forcibly deprive other people of their own free will choice. Therefore, today my original answer is unacceptable to me.

In a way, my thought problem provides no basis in the real world. Statism is the true root problem, not computers.

Today, the question is changed.

If I so chose, God would instantly eliminate statism.

But that would mean eliminating a lot of people because statism is not a thing but philosophy embraced by certain people — people who willfully operate under the color of law to deprive other people of lawful and rightful property. Worse, minutes after eliminating statism other people would move to fill the void. A new political state would be born. That is a problem too with bloody revolution — people merely change one set of tyrants for another.

Sadly, the big lesson of September 11, 2001 is that the statists cannot protect anybody, yet strangely, multitudes of people continue seeking security allegedly provided by politicians and bureaucrats. Eliminate the philosophy of statism and a primary source of violence disappears. Yes, some violence would remain — at isolated individual levels. However, isolated instances of violence are just that — isolated.

These thought problems are not so far-fetched. One of my favorite movies is Sneakers. The theme of that movie is the discovery of an integrated circuit chip that can decode any encrypted computer data. All computer records could be destroyed easily — including all statist computer records. The lure of such a thesis is amazingly powerful, but of course, who in this world could use such technology without affecting the innocent?

Why so many people convince themselves that they cannot live quiet and peaceable lives without statism is a puzzle to me. Perhaps that is why I find moving a short verse in the Christian Bible.

“Jesus wept.”

I weep too.


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