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Products of Our Environment

Written by Darrell Anderson.

The story of King Josiah is one of the more interesting stories in the Jewish Bible. Like all humans, Josiah was a product of his environment. Yet, when Josiah began his search for knowledge and wisdom, he realized he had two options available to him. He could continue his ways and the ways of his father and grandfather, or he could change. Josiah chose the latter.

Every individual is a product of his or her environment. Parents, siblings, teachers, friends, associates, and mentors all contribute to what each human becomes. Nobody escapes this process. However, once an individual possesses the mental skills to discern what others teach, no longer does any individual have any excuse for continuing false teachings, doctrines, and superstitions.

Yet, unfortunately, many people take a head-in-the-sand approach toward life. Unlike Josiah, many people refuse to change. The simple reason is exclaimed in the movie A Few Good Men. During examination on the witness stand, Tom Cruise demands the truth from Jack Nicholson, and Nicholson declares, “You can’t handle the truth!” I suspect such an exclamation describes many people.

There is little dispute that humans seek a certain level of comfort and well being. Such pursuits are normal and natural. Satisfying self-interests is a normal process. What is unnatural is when people refuse to acknowledge new knowledge because they perceive such an act will deprive or lower their standards of existence or their worldview. Often such decisions are made at the expense of other people. Thus, self-interest is easily perverted into greed.

Such a response is amplified in the philosophy of statism — including political socialism, fascism, political capitalism, and political democracy. People operating under these ideological philosophies use force to redistribute wealth from one class of people to another. Under individual circumstances, such force is called theft — stealing. Yet, when cleverly concealed by the actions of millions of people, that theft is condoned rather than condemned.

Josiah saw that his father and grandfather had not obeyed the law of the land. Josiah realized he was following those same footsteps. Josiah changed and did not keep his head in the sand. He refused to continue the ways of his ancestors, and refused to be a mindless product of his environment. Josiah accepted self-responsibility and his narrowly defined role among his community.

What about you? Do you satisfy your self-interests at the expense of other people?


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