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God is an Anarchist

The Good News

Written by Darrell Anderson.

I was taught by many people that the good news of the gospels was a path to salvation and was available through Jesus of Nazareth. All any individual had to do was to submit and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Further, once “saved” Christians were to travel about evangelizing and proselytizing in order to spread this good news and to help save souls.

I no longer believe this teaching.

I have come to believe that if the God of the Bible exists, then every human probably already possesses salvation through God’s grace. If that belief is true, then some people must wonder exactly what good news Jesus wanted people to share.

I believe the message Christians are supposed to share is this:

  • That all humans are and always have been saved by grace. To me, that certainly seems like good news.
  • That all humans are free, that no human has standing to rule other humans. That too seems like good news to me.
  • That not only are humans free, but also free from death. Not that humans still do not physically die, but because all humans are forgiven that nobody need fear death.
  • That despite a fallen world change is available; but that change must come from within. Evil can be conquered, but only from within.
  • That nobody needs to save any souls, but only show that humanity had lost its way to a fulfilling life — both among one another, and with God.

Seems to me that all the bloody wars in the name of Christianity and other religions have been for naught. All such conflicts are vanity. Indeed, Moses instructed the Hebrews never to use God’s name in vain. That instruction often has been incorrectly interpreted to mean that an individual should not swear, cuss, or use distasteful language. Yet, Moses meant not to use God’s name falsely or frivolously — for falsehoods. The law meant that no individual could initiate any cause under the false banner of trying to claim that God is “on our side” or “God told us to do this act.”

That is one reason why I reject the “Christian America” thesis — that God somehow has blessed America. Although my observations indicate the opposite, perhaps God has blessed America. Regardless, Moses’ law forbids proclaiming any such blessing with the intent to justify wars and aggressions against other people.

Christians should not be in the business of knocking on doors and standing on street corners trying to convert souls. They should be living quiet and peaceable lives, lives of honor and integrity. Most importantly, because they understand the good news, they should be living lives of contentment, because they already know they are forgiven — all of humanity is forgiven. Such knowledge should forever remove the dark clouds from over their heads. Christians should be changing the world by example, not by false proclamations or force.

When Jesus declared, “Your sins are forgiven,” he was not initiating an act of pardon, but merely declaring a truism. Yet, if God exists then that truism is indeed good news.


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