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God is an Anarchist


Written by Darrell Anderson.

A truism is a statement of fact. Truisms are tricky little buggers. A truism is true regardless of who reads the words and regardless of how the words are interpreted. Truisms usually cause trouble for people who like to jump to conclusions or do not understand some principles of logic. What happens is that an individual will tend to interpret a truism within a philosophical context or mindset. Although a truism is an objective statement, interpretations are subjective.

Consider a simple example to understand the difference between objective truth and subjective interpretation. A thermometer provides a distinct indication of the temperature in a room. To say that the temperature in a room is 68°F is an objective statement. Yet, ask three people what that statement means, and you might receive three answers. One person might declare the room to be cold, another to be comfortable, another to be warm.

Truisms function the same way. Regardless of what one individual might say, the worldview and beliefs of another individual might motivate that person to render a different interpretation of what the first person intended.


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