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Monetary Reform

The Beginning of True Social Reform

[Image: Book Cover for Monetary Refor.]A study of that contentious topic, monetary theory. I believe that no meaningful social reforms are possible until a significant number of people understand the concept of money.

Most people stumble on this topic because they believe currencies are symbols of wealth. They are not. Currencies are symbols of debt, representing unfinished exchanges of wealth. However, unlike wealth, with respect to human life spans currencies are not subject to decay. That more or less explains their tremendous attraction as future claims on wealth. Understanding monetary theory is futile unless one understands that currencies are not symbols of wealth but only claim checks on future wealth.




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To Harvey. Your theory of money is the only one that makes sense. I miss you dearly my friend.

Table of Contents


1. Wealth and Debt

2. The Concept of Money

3. The True Cost

4. Currency Inflation

5. Compound Interest

6. Monetizing Debt

7. Alternate Infrastructure

8. That Dismal Science

9. Common Misconceptions

10. A Better Tomorrow

Appendix A. The Flow of Wealth