Simple Liberty  




[Image: Photo taken by author of Monument Valley, Arizona. Intended for mood and backdrop only.]An ancient proverb declares that the longest journey begins with but a single step. Every human is ignorant. Some people are less ignorant than other people about certain subjects. However, an honest individual admits that even within those areas where other people consider another person to be a subject matter expert, in actuality such people are only less ignorant than others. If I have discovered anything in my journey I have recognized that the more I learn the more I realize how little I know. I reserve the right to continue exploring our universe and to change my mind about what I believe. The same is true for every human. Thus, every human’s earthly journey continues, never ending until that last breath.

What I offer here are areas where I tend to wander through life to better understand my world and universe. I might be located in left field with some of my wanderings, but nobody yet has told me I can’t play in the ball game.


My Bookshelf

[Image: clip art of a filled book shelf.]Just in case you are curious about my intellectual background. I enjoy reading and exploring the world of ideas. So many books, so little time.

A Modern King James Bible

A modernized King James Bible. I updated the “olde” English in a non-destructive way. Thee and thou become you, heareth becomes hears, etc. There was nothing complicated about this modernization and these revisions maintain the full elegance and poetic flow of the original King James Bible. However, I also modified a handful of words to what I believe are more accurate interpretations of how the ancient Hebrew and Jewish authors probably used those words. These few but subtle changes likely will surprise many readers because the modifications tend to remove the Bible from several hotly contested modern debates.

The Back Door

Some additional books, treatises, and pamphlets written by other authors.

Monetary Theory 

[Image: clip art of a coin bag.]I have written elsewhere discussing my ideas about monetary theory. Most people stumble on this topic because they believe currencies are symbols of wealth. They are not. Currencies are symbols of debt, representing unfinished exchanges of wealth. However, unlike wealth, with respect to human life spans currencies are not subject to decay. That more or less explains their tremendous attraction as future claims on wealth. Understanding monetary theory is futile unless one understands that currencies are not symbols of wealth but only claim checks on future wealth.

Private and Alternate Currencies 

[Image: clip art of a wad of paper currency.]After many years of study I am convinced that many problems and conflicts in this world would disappear if there was no common medium of exchange. Ultimately I believe only a wealth-for-wealth trading and barter system will relieve humanity of most of the nonsense of wars and political battles. Local and private currencies are a good start to resist the nonsense of political counterfeiting, but ultimately all currencies must be abolished. Computer technology is certainly capable these days of creating a true global barter and trade system.

The General Property Tax 

[Image: clip art of a long rural fence.]I despise all coerced taxation, but I despise this tax more than any other. Humans cannot live without ties to the land. Any tax on land is perpetual slavery.

Administrative Law: Traffic Court 

[Image: clip art of a jack booted thug issuing a traffic citation.]The world of administrative law is not for the feint of heart, as any individual who has tried to slay the traffic court monster will attest. I have been involved in only three traffic court cases, one personally, and two helping other people. I successfully quashed the effort against me, and although I believe there is some sense to be found in the world of Alice in Wonderland, fighting the traffic court monster is often a frustrating venture. The name of the game in traffic court is simply to wear you down and intimidate you. You can win, but must be patient and long-suffering. You must be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Administrative Law: Hunting/Fishing Licenses 

[Image: clip art of an American Indian hunting with a bow and arrow.]The main problem with this area of political administrative nonsense is the illusion that certain politicians and so-called appointed officials possess some sort of mysterious jurisdiction over certain sections of land.


[Image: image of a map of several southern American states that seceded from the United States political union.]Why is the concept of secession difficult for many people to accept? If a human is not self-determining, is not free to choose and reject his or her relationships, then all humans are slaves. Are people free to seek their own destiny? A fundamental reason why many people reject the concept of secession is that they then would have no ability to steal from others under the pretense and color of law.

General Liberty Lifestyles 

[Image: clip art of the Gadsden Flag.]I am always interested in learning how other people are living their own life of liberty and what solutions they are using.