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A Modern King James Bible

Modification and Modernization List

Interpretation Modifications

  • eretz (Strong’s 776): modified from earth to land.
  • adamah (Strong’s 127): modified from earth to ground.
  • yabbashah (Strong’s 3004): modified from dry land to dry ground.
  • shamayim (Strong’s 8064): modified from heaven to sky.
  • shamayin (Strong’s 8065): modified from heavens to skies.
  • Õelohiym (Strong’s 430): modified from God to Elohim.
  • Yahweh (Strong’s 3068): modified from Lord to Yahweh.
  • Yahweh (Strong’s 3069): modified from God to Yahweh.
  • õishshah (Strong’s 802): modified from wife and wives to woman and women.
  • õiysh (Strong’s 376): modified from husband and husbands to man and men.
  • ereb (Strong’s 6153): modified from even to evening.
  • opsios (Strong’s 3798): modified from even to evening.
  • torah (Strong’s 8451): modified from law to instruction.
  • zanah (Strong’s 2181): modified from fornication to prostitution.
  • ekporneuo (Strong’s 1608): modified from fornication to whoring.
  • porneia (Strong’s 4202): modified from fornication to prostitution.
  • porneuo (Strong’s 4203): modified from fornication to prostitution.
  • taznuwth (Strong’s 8457): modified from fornication to harlotry.
  • gazam (Strong’s 1501): modified from palmerworm to mature locust.
  • õarbeh (Strong’s 697): modified from locust to swarming locust.
  • yekeq (Strong’s 3218): modified from cankerworm to young locust.
  • andrizomai (Strong’s 407): modified from quit to act.
  • aselgeia (Strong’s 766): modified from lasciviousness to lust.
  • epistole (Strong’s 1992): modified from epistle to letter.
  • ekklesia (Strong’s 1577): modified from church to assembly.
  • asah (Strong’s 6213): modified from ordain to fashion
  • suwm (Strong’s 7760): modified from ordain to appoint
  • diatasso (Strong’s 1299): modified from ordain to appoint.
  • kathistemi (Strong’s 2525): modified from ordain to appoint.
  • episkope (Strong’s 1984): modified from bishop to overseer.
  • episkopos (Strong’s 1985): modified from bishop to overseer.

General Word Modernizations

  • The suffix est was dropped from all words.
  • The suffix eth was converted to s or es as appropriate.
  • The suffix edst and dst were converted to ed or d as appropriate.
  • Most occurences of the word art were converted to are.
  • Most occurences of the word wax, waxed, waxen, etc. were converted to grow, grew, has grown, etc.
  • Most occurences of the word meat were converted to food or bread.
  • Modified vexation of spirit to grasping of/for the wind.
  • American spelling was used rather than English.

Specific Word Modernizations

afore to before
alway to always
armour to armor
ass to donkey
asses to donkeys
asswage to assuage
astonied to astonished
athirst to thirsty

bakemeat to baked food
behaviour to behavior
betimes to early
betwixt to between
brake to broke
builded to built
buryingplace to burying place

cankerworm to young locust
canst to can
carcase to carcass
chode to chided
choler to bitterness
cieled to sealed
cogitations to thoughts
colour to color
conies to rabbits
contemn to despise

defence to defense
didst to did
digged to dug
divers to diverse
dost to do
doth to does
dragon to serpent
durst to dares
dwellingplaces to dwelling places

Elias to Elijah
enquire to inquire
ensample to example
epistle to letter
Esaias to Isaiah

favour to favor
feedingplace to feeding place
fellowhelper to fellow helper
fellowlaborer to fellow laborer
fellowprisoner to fellow prisoner
fellowservant to fellow servant
fellowsoldier to fellow soldier
fellowworker to fellow worker
fetcht to fetched
firmament to expanse
forgat to forgot

gat to got
gins to snares
graff to graft
graffed to grafted
grecian to greek

hart to deer
hast to have
hasted to hastened
hasteth to hastens
hath to has
herdmen to herdsmen
heretick to heretic
hind to deer
hinds to deer
holpen to helped
honour to honor

inasmuch to in as much
innocency to innocence
insomuch to in so much
instructer to instructor
intreat to entreat

kine to cows

labour to labor
lade to load
laded to loaded
laden to loaded

meat offering to food offering
morter to mortar
musick to music

neighbour to neighbor
nought to naught

oblation to offering
odour to odor

palmerworm to mature locust
peradventure to by chance
plaister to plaster
practise to practice
pressfat to wine-press
provender to feed
pulse to vegetables

quicken to revive

raiment to clothing
rend to tear
rent to tore
rumour to rumor

saith to said
saviour to savior
savour to savor
sceptre to scepter
selfwilled to self willed
shalt to shall
shew to show
shewed to shown
shewing to showing
Sion to Zion
smite to strike
smote to struck
Sodoma to Sodom
spake to spoke
stablish to establish
stedfast to steadfast
straiten to straighten
stript to stripped
stumblingblock to stumbling block
subtil to subtle
succour to help
sware to swore
synagogues to meeting places

thee to you
thine to your/yours
thou to you
threshingfloor to threshing floor
throughly to thoroughly
thy to your
thyself to yourself
to day to today
to morrow to tomorrow
to night to tonight
traffick to traffic
twain to two

uncorruptible to incorruptible

vapour to vapor

wast to were
wellbeloved to well beloved
wellfavored to well favored
wert to were
whiles to while
whilst to while
wilt to will
withal to with all
wot to know
wroth to angry
wrought to worked

ye to you