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Reflections From The Front Porch

Meditations About Life

[Image: Book Cover for Reflections From The Front Porch.]A collection of essays revolving around that grand mystery of the universe we call life. The essays cover a variety of topics and no particular issue in general.




Published by Darrell Anderson
Written by Darrell Anderson

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First Edition 2006

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To all people who admit that, like me, they are creatures of limited knowledge.

Table of Contents


1. Blue Pills and Red Pills

2. Hermit Thrushes

3. A Beautiful Day

4. Kindling

5. I Think It’s Going To Work Out

6. Toilet Paper and Shoes

7. The Sounds of Silence

8. Adjectives and Adverbs

9. Do You Know?

10. The Second Law of Thermodynamics

11. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

12. Imperfect People

13. The Life of Liberty

14. Debt Is Bondage

15. Same Data

16. The Rules of Life

17. Sherlock Holmes

18. Black and White or Gray?

19. The Division of Labor

20. Sub Woofers

21. The Principles of Accumulating Wealth

22. Going to the Chapel

23. The Deer

24. Curve Balls

25. Stopped Clocks

26. The Smell of Autumn

27. Life in the Boonies