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Reflections From The Front Porch

Life in the Boonies

Written by Darrell Anderson.

Today was another one of those wonderfully beautiful Chamber of Commerce autumn days. Perfect blue skies, only a few floating clouds, and the temperature about 64 degrees (Fahrenheit) with no breeze. One of those days where, if one is in the shade a long-sleeve shirt feels just right, but if in the direct sunlight the body pleas for short sleeves. One of those days where traveling on an empty country road at a top speed of 40 or 45 miles per hour seems just fast enough.

The tree leaves are changing color fast and I think we are going to have one of those brilliant but classic northern autumns that comes along only every few years.

While at the grocery store, I noticed some cute post cards.

The picture on one card had a guy dressed very rural, standing somewhere in the remote countryside, with a shot glass to his ear and the shot glass on a telephone pole. The caption read, “Fred tries to get online.”

A second card showed a photo of two guys standing outside their pick-up trucks, out in the middle of a lonely country road, with the trucks idling in each respective lane. The caption read, “The Information Highway.” Hmm. Been there done that!

A third card showed two guys sitting in a pick-up truck, traveling down the road. In between the two guys were their two dogs. The two dogs were looking forward down the road with an intensity that only dogs can provide. The caption? “Double Dating.”

Returning home on this fine day I saw the usual deer in the field, but then, close to the turn-off for the road I live off, I got a whiff of that singular aroma that only country folks truly appreciate. Yup, the skunk.

After I returned home and had all the groceries stored, I stepped outside to move my hanging marigold flower pots into the direct sunlight. I noticed sand and mud all over the porch. A raccoon had visited last night.

While preparing my supper I looked out the window to notice a deer grazing on my lawn.

Last night must have gotten cold. On the way into town I saw several people had bed sheets or plastic near their gardens so there must have been a frost warning and probably with another warning for tonight. When I awakened today I did notice a slight chill in the house, nothing serious of course, but noticeable after a long, beautiful and unusually warm summer. I just might light a fire tonight. Yup, I just might.

So much for business in a rural town and life in the boonies. I’ll head back into the woods tomorrow to cut some more firewood. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


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