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The American Income Tax


Written by Darrell Anderson.

There are many people I thank who helped me in my research. Most of those people are listed in my bibliography.

With the explosion of the world wide web, thousands of people have investigated this insidious tax. I therefore thank all 797,849 people who have posted web sites discussing taxation. Every single person involved in this effort possesses a piece of the puzzle. Among them all, possibly, I suspect a handful of them actually might be correct.

I thank the many IRS agents I corresponded with through the years. Without their participation I doubt I ever would have matured to fully appreciate arrogance and belligerence.

I thank the IRS attorneys I corresponded with who taught me that a career in tax law is much about misrepresentation, lying, conniving, and theft under the color of law. Often I had the distinct feeling that justice and common sense never was a foundational issue and that the legal system was merely a parlor for self-entertainment and manipulation.

I thank the court judge who treated me with courtesy and respect, but taught me that the Federal Rules of Evidence mean little in tax disputes.

Of course, any mistakes found in this book are mine.


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