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The American Income Tax

Theft Under the Color of Law

[Image: Book Cover for The American Income Tax.]A scholarly investigation and discussion about the American income tax, from an historical, social, and legal perspective. The income tax contributes significantly in destroying the core of our social fabric.

How did this problem arise? The answer is much like the old proverb about the camel’s nose in the tent. Conspiracy theories are unnecessary to understand how this tragedy and socially destructive tax system evolved. A key to understanding this madness is knowing that the problem grew slowly and mostly out of ignorance. Using ignorance as a cornerstone, add a healthy dose of deception, obfuscation, and greed. The law of unintended consequences prevails. One thing led to another and the result is a tax system today that contributes significantly in attacking and destroying the core of our social fabric.




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To Harvey and Vern. Rest in peace.

Table of Contents



1. A Cry For An Income Tax — Introducing the Camel

2. Definitions — Approaching the Camel

3. The First Income Tax — Domesticating the Camel

4. Long Black Dresses — Harnessing the Camel

5. The 16th Amendment — Saddling the Camel

6. Defining Income — The Camel’s Nose

7. Cost Basis and Exemptions — Riding the Camel

8. A Direct Tax — The Obnoxious Camel

9. An Indirect Tax — The Camel Barks

10. Direct and Indirect — Will The Real Camel Please Rise

11. Nonresident Aliens and Citizens — The Camel Sneezes

12. Gains, Profits, and Income — The Deceptive Camel

13. Wages vs. Income — The Camel’s Nose Grows

14. Wages Are Income — Mistaking the Camel for a Horse

15. Gross Income — Arguing With the Camel

16. Presumptions — Kissing the Camel

17. That Awful Smell — Sharing The Tent With The Camel

18. Principles of Taxation

19. Robbing Both Peter and Paul

20. Tariffs

21. Excises

22. The Illusion of Income

23. Raising Revenues Without Coercion

Appendix A. Statutes At Large Cited

Appendix B. Court Cases Cited