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To Alter or to Abolish

New Principles for the 21st Century

[Image: Book Cover for To Alter or to Abolis.]This book provides foundation for much of my writings and philosophy. A full length effort about why conflict exists in modern social and legal systems.

The title of the book is To Alter or to Abolish. Those words are from the American Declaration of Independence. The subtitle of the book is “New Principles for the 21st Century.” My thesis is to demonstrate why current social and legal processes are failing. My book is not a web site soap box rant, but is a serious effort to provide a scholarly discussion about a contentious topic — the principles human choose to live by.

Writing this book required several years of research. Working on this book provided many hours of study. Sometimes those times were enjoyable, sometimes frustrating. Learning concepts and trying to understand the interpretations of other people is challenging.

Many times I have had to adjust my own perspectives about various topics. I never will end that process, and if you admit that you too are a creature of limited knowledge, then neither will you.

Like many books, this one has been no less an adventure than those written by other people. Like many books, this effort is an accumulation of years of reading and study. I also will agree with other authors that writing a book is a lot of work — but gratifying work.




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Colophon: The rising/setting sun was drawn by Carl Siglock, based upon the image in the chair used by George Washington at the Constitutional Convention. Typefaces used are Book Antiqua and Mistral.


To Harvey, who always answered my questions patiently. I miss you dearly, my friend.

Table of Contents




Part I First Principles

1. Ideas and Interpretations

2. Energy Flows

3. The Pursuit of Happiness

4. Limited Knowledge

5. All Against All

Part II Social Systems

6. Society

7. Property

8. Rights

9. Contracts and Agreements

10. Consent

11. Wealth and Debt

Part III Legal Systems

12. Cornerstones

13. Government

14. Boundaries

15. Law

16. Conflicts of Law

17. Morality and Vices

18. Old Foundations Anew

19. Strong Foundations

20. The Concept of Money

Part IV Perpetual Motion

21. Captured Labor

22. Leviathan

23. Political Systems

24. Social Contracts

25. Law and Order According to Whom?

26. Elm Street

27. Currency Inflation

28. Compound Interest

29. Monetizing Debt

30. Taxation

31. Land Title Distribution

32. Capitalism

33. Socialism and Democracy

34. Legal Plunder

35. The Free Rider Fallacy

Part V What You See Is What You Get

36. Hindsight is 20/20

37. Lessons Learned

38. The Current Struggle

39. Transitions

40. Tomorrow Is Only A Day Away

Appendix A. The Flow of Wealth