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Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All

Property Taxes and Leeches

Written by Darrell Anderson.

For many years I have hated and despised the property tax system. I despise the property tax system more than the income tax system.

No human can live without ties to the land. Any associated tax is not a tax on land but a tax on living — a tax on mere existence. The tax is not a tax on any “taxable” activity, just a pure tax on living. Of course, whether paying directly or indirectly, nobody escapes the general property tax. Choose not to pay and you will be evicted from your home under the color of law. The system is contemptible and pure slavery.

Worse, however, is the process through which homes and property are foreclosed by the statists in order to extract their extortion fee. With any lawful debt, title to that debt can be sold or transferred. All lawful debts create a lien. To create an illusion that a “lawful” debt is owed, by fiat the politicians arbitrarily declare that the unpaid “debt” (tax) automatically becomes a lien against the property.

A lawful lien creates equitable interest in property title and the statists’ illusionary lien does likewise within the context of the “just us” legal system. Of course, with any lawful lien, the lien holder must prove true equitable interest, and that is done by demonstrating a lawful nexus exists whereby the lien holder (creditor) and debtor voluntarily entered into an agreement or contract.

What is missing from the statists’ game is a lawful voluntary contract or nexus.

The statists sell title to the fiat lien for the cost of the alleged “debt” (and perhaps some additional administrative costs). Typically, the local statists sell the alleged debt to “investors.” Title to the alleged illusionary equitable interest is then “owned” by the “investor.” The local tinhorns get their extortion fees, and in the process wash their hands of the entire process. Pontius Pilate would be proud.

Then — again — by mere declaratory fiat statute the statists proclaim that the “investor” may pursue his or her “equitable” interest in the title. By statute, the statist politicians permit the “investor” to collect a hefty fee when attempting to “reconcile” with the titleholder. Those fees are approximately 15 percent. Thus, if the property owner desires to keep “legal” title, the original titleholder must pay the so-called “equitable” interest — and the Mafioso-like “interest” fee.

In the end, most titleholders pay both extortion fees, but a handful does not or cannot.

If the property owner fails to pay the alleged debt — again — by illusionary fiat statute, the “investor” is statutorily permitted to quiet title and thereby obtains full possession of the property.

Suppose a property has an estimated market value of $200,000. Suppose the alleged debt (tax) was $1,000. If the property owner pays both extortion fees, the owner is out the original $1,000 tax plus the “investor” fee of $150. However, for a mere $1,000 “investment” an “investor” could obtain legal title to $200,000, although the “investor” had “equitable” interest only for $1,150 ($1,000 + 15 percent = $150).

The obvious question is: what happened to the remaining lawful equitable interest owned by the property owner? Although the property owner does not posses sufficient strength or armament to stop the foreclosure process, a heady person would know better, and force the sale to a third party in order to receive his or her equitable interest in the property. Such a solution does not protect the original title, but only salvages equitable interest in the original title. Yet, how many people would know this? Not many. Regardless, even with a heady person the “investor” still eats part of the pie. A few months later the local tinhorns begin the steamroller process anew.

The devastating part of this process is that the homeowner cannot win the game. Do you see why? Because regardless of where in the process the homeowner attempts to halt the madness, whether at the administrative level or after exhausting administrative remedies and seeking judicial relief in the statist’s “just us” court system, the homeowner is always the petitioner. Petitioners always bear the initial burden of proof. Guess who’s side the judge will take?

If you are a property tax “investor” I publicly declare you to be what you truly are — a bloodsucking leech. You are a parasite on humanity.


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