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Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All

What to Do?

Written by Darrell Anderson.

Many people who start discovering much of what is wrong in their world also begin a rhetorical journey of asking what to do. Some expand that journey into looking for practical means to escape the madness. Some people choose to become politically involved, some choose to battle in the statist courts, others make many emotional decisions and eventually find themselves imprisoned, pursued, and sometimes killed.

The problem with many of these solutions is that many people seldom take time to learn more about human nature. Beginning with old stories such as Cain and Abel, history teaches there always have been two general classes of people:

  1. Those who wish to live quiet and peaceable lives.
  2. Those who wish to control others.

This simple observation reveals much about human nature, and what any individual can expect when trying to resolve the many problems facing everybody today.

There are ways to opt out. Unfortunately, many people lack the patience or stamina to opt out smartly, or maintain their vigilance after opting out.

Opting out does not mean an individual must take an affirmative stance of resistance. Indeed, the only rational method of successfully opting out is to do so quietly and peacefully. The key is not to become a target. Position your head higher than the protective barrier, and you will be seen, discovered, and persecuted. Stay off the radar screen, or at least stay in the fringes of the radar scope. Position yourself to be not worth the chase.

Do you want to stop filing income tax forms? Then do so through your own free will and choice. If you are engaged in a traditional employment contract likely you never will convince your employer to stop withholding, but that does not mean you cannot stop filing. Don’t do something stupid like claim maximum deductions on a withholding certificate, however. If you stop filing while engaged in an employment contract, you leave things as they are and just stop filing. Adjust the withholding so you “break even.” If the statist rulers receive some money from you they get mad because you are not filing, but they won’t charge you fiat fraudulent penalties and interest if they withheld a sufficient amount from you. Yes, the withholding is theft under the color of law, but remember the two great general classes of people. If you want to opt out, you must do so quietly and methodically. You needed many years to get into this mess, and you are not going to exit overnight either. Be patient. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you sell your goods and services as an independent contractor or professional, obviously you do not suffer withholding. However, the more overhead that accompanies your efforts (store front, employees, paper trails, etc.), the more easily the statists can pursue you and steal your property under the color of law. Of course, if you sell only services, more power to you.

Do you want to travel without a driver’s license? Then do so through your own free will and choice. Just realize that by doing so you negate all statutory insurance contracts (even in no-fault areas). Of the people who travel without a license, most tend to consciously travel in a safe and prudent manner. They know they live in a manner that contradicts the statist’s fiat rules, and they do their utmost to stay off the radar screens. They also are aware of their responsibility and liability should they be the cause of any accident or damage.

Do you want to eliminate paper trails? Then do so through your own free will and choice. Just do so quietly. For example, if you want to opt out of the banking system, you will have to learn about fiat cash transaction rules. To opt out of banking you must do so methodically over a period of several months, or you must leave behind a plausible final paper trail to validate your departure. Learn the rules the statists play and you can opt out.

Likewise with credit cards. Credit cards provide wonderful paper trails through which the statist can learn much about you. If you must keep a credit card, then use the card only for emergencies. Any other usage is a paper trail.

Unfortunately, most people cannot opt out easily. The reason is simple: debt. Many people are hopelessly enjoined into the statist system through debt. Until any individual can eliminate or greatly control that debt, then opting out is futile — and often impossible.

Another jarring revelation for many people is they discover they cannot opt out completely. Nobody is able to completely disappear. A few people can and do disappear, but only a handful are willing to make the final necessary and dramatic lifestyle changes that allow playing The Invisible Man. Thus, most people cannot completely escape the effects of statism. The trick is to minimize the exposure, protect what few assets you choose to maintain, and then to lead a quiet and peaceable life.

What to do? You cannot change human nature, and you cannot change “the system.” The best you can do is change yourself. Stop willingly and voluntarily participating in the “benevolent” statist game as much as reasonable and practical. Avoid using various statist avenues to resolve conflicts. Do not infringe or violate the property rights of other people. Live a quiet and peaceable life.

Remember the stories of the public life of Jesus of Nazareth. If your read those stories you will notice that Jesus ignored what other people thought about him. Jesus lived according to a different set of principles, and those principles were not created or written by other humans. Free people do not need other people to tell them how to live.

If you opt out then keep your mouth shut. Mind your own business. If you advertise your decisions eventually you will become a target. Either a statist will notice you, or jealous neighbors will gladly inform the local statists. Be smart and stay alive. The story of Jesus is a good indicator of what might happen to you if you get under people’s skin.


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