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Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All

Who is We?

Written by Darrell Anderson.

I am weary of reading essays and commentaries written by so-called liberty-minded people who seem to not realize their own enslavement. I am weary of them trying to include me in their observations and rants.

I’m tired of reading, “. . . our leaders,” “. . . our rulers,” “. . . our president,” “. . . our representatives,” “. . . our legislators,” “. . . our politicians,” “. . . our policies,” “. . . our government,” “. . . our laws,” “. . . our taxes,” “. . . our troops,” “. . . our invasion,” “. . . our Internal Revenue Service,” “. . . our nation,” “. . . our national debt,” etc.

I have news for you folks. Stop including me! Those statist thugs who cause wars, hate and discontent in this world are not my leaders, I do not make policies to kill other people, and I certainly do not own to participating in any statist political system. I do not vote. I am not even registered, therefore nobody represents me. Only some basic common sense guidelines regulate my decision-making. Everything else is merely bullies trying to compel me into action through the threat of violence.

I am tired of reading about how “we elected . . .,” “we pay taxes . . .,” “we invaded . . . .”

Who is “we”? You assume I am somehow involved in some process of decision-making regarding these individuals. I am not. You cannot speak on my behalf any more than I can you. You are reifying when you include me in your we. Stop!

Likewise, I am tired of people who talk about my taxes, my social security number, etc. Egads, what a brainwashed bunch out there. If those funds were my taxes I sure would have a say in how I spent them, wouldn’t I? If that damnable number were mine, I sure would have a say in how that number is used, wouldn’t I?

And stop talking about whether or not we should or will invade any other territory. I am planning on attacking and invading absolutely nobody. I have more news for you folks. We are not at war, you are at war. This is not our war or my war but your war.

If you want to support such people then use the word my or I or mine. Stop saying and writing our and we and leave me out.

I am not a part of your we, and I never will be. Stick your brainwashed group-think where the sun doesn’t shine.


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