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Progress and Poverty
Many people support the discussion and solution proposed by 19th century social reformer Henry George in his book Progress and Poverty. However, a systems theory analysis reveals the flaws in George’s polemic.

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What is Property?
If 19th century social reformer and philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is known for anything, he is known for declaring that “Property is robbery.” What exactly did Proudhon mean?

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The General Property Tax
Humans cannot live without ties to the land. A discussion about the most malevolent tax of all that enslaves everybody, the general property tax.

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The concept of intellectual property is hotly debated. Although the principles discussed in this essay can be applied broadly, the focus is on copyrights.

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Anarcho-Socialists and Anarcho-Capitalists — Friend or Foe?
An examination revealing that anarcho-socialists and anarcho-capitalists share much more in common than many people believe — if only they both would carefully define their words and terms.

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Why Free Software is Important
Free/libre software is changing the world. A look into why the philosophy is important.